Natural Hair Travel Essentials

Hi guys!

I hope everyone’s summer is getting off to a great start, as y’all can tell I’ve been M.I.A lately because I’ve been living life! As much fun as my travel was I’m happy to be back stateside and sharing my favorite travel essentials with you guys.

So I decided not to protective style while away, for me this was a personal choice. I sometimes feel like those styles can be a crutch to avoid dealing with our own natural hair, and for me they require maintenance as well so I choose to rock my curls. My trip was about 3 weeks in total and I made sure to use super moisturizing hair products on my hair before leaving for NY.

I also made sure to take several products with me… check em’ out below


  1. CRN moisture milk – this item features macadamia oil, and give hair so much moisture it literally lasted for weeks. I used this half way through my trip to restyle my hair. I love that is gave me tons of definition even on dry hair.
  2. Mielle OG Edge gel–  this edge gel is literally a holy grail product for my hair . It is great for taming flyaways and creating sleek styles on the go. Plus it last no need to reapply daily.
  3. Goody active hair ties– these were a recommendation after watching a YouTube hair haul and they don’t disappoint. If you have thick hair you know the struggle of keeping a hair tie in place, these are amazing at holding thick hair and not breaking. 

Here are some photos of my  curly travels…



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