Product Review Mielle Organics : Curl cream and styling foam 

Hey guys ,

So unless your under a rock you’ve heard of or seen the brand Mielle Organics. The brand has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and they recently decided to expand there product line with 3 new products. Today I’ll be talking about 2 of the items, the curling cream and styling foam.

These products feature Babassu Oil , among a cocktail of other exotic oils that are designed to help naturally textured hair and relaxed hair hold on to moisture. Increasing the moisture with in the hair helps , to define curls while maintaining health the of hair. These two products are specifically formulated to work hand in hand together. When styling I followed the directions to apply the curl cream and then follow up with the styling foam.

Right away I could tell the cream was very rich and moisturizing, the styling foam was light with a nice citrus scent and the two paired well. I didn’t experience any flaking or white residue on my hair from layering the products. I will say that this combo in particular the curl cream left my hair a little sticky to the touch but it was definitely gave my hair lots of definition .

Final Recap:

  • I would re-buy and use the foam on its own, I’ve already done so for several curl sets and gotten great results.
  • Avoid using to much curl cream so your hair doesn’t feel sticky or weighed down.
  •  For the price point these products are a great addition to your natural hair stash.
  • These are a great fit for ladies that have VERY dry hair.

You can see a full demo using there products over on my Youtube channel : Mary Gaskins


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