Deva Curl Build Up Buster Review 

Hey guys !

I’m back an super excited to be sharing and reviewing this product from Deva curl!

So I was  super interested in this new product from Deva curl which uses Micellar water  for the hair to gently remove build up from products, hard water , and the environment.. with out stripping moisture that’s essential to curly hair…cool huh ? But I wondered if this product would really live up to the hype…

After using Build Up Buster I have to say I’m impressed. I’m very sensitive to product build up, and my hair acts pretty crazy when it’s not properly cleansed so this gem here is definitely a unique product. I don’t get to say that often since so many products on the market honestly are similar to something I’ve used before, no one is really trying to reinvent the wheel when they launch a product.  After putting this newbie cleanser to the test I have to say nothing I’ve used before compares to this. The cleanser’s texture is like washing your hair with a styling serum, or D.I.Y flaxseed gel (watery and slimy /runny in texture) it’s weird feeling but once you rinse you can tell your hair is completely cleansed. I noticed a diffrence in how easily my curls defined right away, and in how my hair responded to deep conditioning. The removal of any build up to me allowed my conditioner to be more effective and penetrate the strands. Sooooo the big question would I rebuy this product? Yes without a dobut! Have your guys tried this new product yet? You can find a demo and more in depth review of this product on my Youtube channel here:


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