The Best Curly Hair Products of 2016

Hey y’all it been a while but I thought I’d wrap up 2016 and head into 2017 blogging. So here are my faves in no particular order.
 1. Mielle Organics  Almond Mint Oil –

I use this oil to add sheen after styling, to seal in moisture, for hot oil treatments and scalp massages to promote growth. This stuff never lets me down!

2. Mielle Organics white peony leave in –

This leave in is so moisturizing and plays well when being layered with other stylers. I used this for almost every wash n go I wore this summer as my leave in. It’s a keeper!

3. Mielle Organics Edge Gel –

Let’s just say …. this is the ONLY EDGE GEL I USE! 

4. DevaCurl Heaven in Hair –

This stuff feels like HEAVEN in my curls for real! It leaves my curls popping and soft if you haven’t tried it your missing out.

5. DevaCurl Supecream-

I used to be a die hard gel fan until I meet cream stylers like this. It gives the perfect combo of definition, volume, and moisture. Even Day 1 hair is bomb!

6. Bekekoa Be Moist Conditioner-

A Favorite of mine since I first tried this brand, this conditioner melts away tangles and blows my mind everytime I use it!

7. Bekekoa BeHold Ultra Light Defining Gel –

This styler literally gave me 8 day I repeat 8 DAY hair …. it’s my  summer wash n go Favorite! 

8. Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner- this super thick mask is AMAZING, made with natural ingredients and from a female / black entrepreneur!  I mean what more could I ask for ?

9. Soultanicals Hair Kink Drink –

This leave in and style refresher spray is AMAZING and smell like juice and berries …. for real! I’m normally not a fan of refresher sprays but this converted me! 

10. Heritage 1933 OMG Hair growth oil-

This brand is so great plus this oil is bomb… I love using it for scalp massages which help promote growth and hair health, it also makes a great pre-poo on days when I feel my hair needs a bit extra.

11. Ouidad Curl Recovery Meltdown Mask-

This Elasticity treatment has been bae for a long time now and yet again it’s is on my favorite list for 2016, how can you not love a mask that feels like silk, and that promotes length retention and super healthy curls.

12. Ouidad Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo- Clarfying is super important . Product build up can lead to all kinds of issues so finding a shampoo that clarifies with out stripping is like finding gold. This gem does just that leaving you with clean soft curls.

13. Ouidad curl immersion co – wash

This wash had so much slip but dosen’t disappoint when it comes to cleaning the hair! I think this line is awesome especially for dry tight curls. 

14. Ouidad Cleansing Oil-

This products was one I had to grab after seeing it featured on Mo Knows Hair’s channel. It is super concentrated so a little goes a long way and the lather is so luxurious.

15. Camille Rose Curl Maker – 

I love CRN and this product is one of the reasons why! It defines and add moisture which is why it is one of my Go -to stylers.

16. Camille Rose Cleansing Rinse-

This product is a great dupe for the Ouidad Cleansing oil. With ingredients like Castor Oil it really leaves hair feeling moisturized and curls popping. 

What are your fave products? 


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