5 tips to get a flawless curl set 

         Hey guys I’m starting off strong this year and working to give more consistent content here on my blog! I recently got tons of questions on how I achieved the great curl set pictured, so here are 6 tips I’ve compiled after tons of trial and error with Curl sets. This will work for perm rods, flexi rods, and traditional roller sets.

1. Start off on CLEAN hair:

I find that clean hair styles and dries better for curl sets, it will also help avoid flakiness which I’ve experienced in the past when starting off on old (previously styled hair). I also feel that clean hair that doesn’t have heavy products on it dries smoother and quicker in my personal experience.
2. Conditioner + Thoroughly detangle :

I find conditioning always helps prep my hair for styling but when heat styling I find it best to use a lighter weight conditioner to prep my hair. I choice Bekekoas Be moist conditioner to infuse moisture but avoid weight to make sure my results have lots of body. I also make sure my hair is completely detangled. This is important as it helps when sectioning and rolling hair later, and ensures hair with be smoothing when being rolled. 

3. Use a Microfiber towel to dry:

Using the right towel (preferably a microfiber towel) helps prep the hair. These towels help to avoid creating frizzy hair keeping the hair smooth in preparation for a smoother curl set. I also love that these towels REALLY help absord extra moisture which means I won’t be waiting an eternity for my hair to dry! Whoo hoo! 

4. Section Hair: 

Working in sections helps me make sure I don’t miss any bits of hair, and keeps me from getting overwhelmed. I also make sure to section hair in the way I want my hair to fall to make the end styling a fluffing easier.

5. Use enough rollers: 

Now although it’s tempting to cheat and put a whole heap of hair on one roller it will set you up everytime. If you have very low density you might be able to skip this tip, but otherwise take my advice. Hair is able to  be more smooth and set properly when you don’t have too much hair on one roller. This tip will also keep you from hair wet hair a day later especially if you choose to air dry.

Check out the link below to see these tips in action on my YouTube channel! http://bit.ly/MaryGYoutube


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