New Series: “Healthy Hair Eats” Eat your way to healthy hair!

          Hey guys I’m super excited about this new series I’m staring on my Blog, “Healthy Hair Eats”! So many of us are aware of the latest products, treatments, and supplements to keep our hair, skin and nails on fleek but what about our diets ? 

What are out eating habits like? Is our water intake sufficient? Are you more likely to hit up Mc Donald’s than Wholefoods ? You may not have realized it but in addition to a poor diet affecting your weight and health it has an impact on your overall wellness including Beauty. That’s right the food you eat can give you glowing skin, and thriving hair.


This isn’t some crazy wild claim, what we eat has just as much impact as the products we use. But what good are best? And how can clean eating be made easier? Well, I got you covered on the easy part, I love using green chef to send my gorcieries to my door, and it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money, plus it’s way cheaper than eating out. Now I know you thinking which food help with hair and skin? I’ll talk more about that in my next installment of this post.
You can get 4 free meals for 2 people from Green chef meal prep services here:


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