True by Made Beautiful : Product Review 

Brand Spotlight: True by made Beautiful   
Hey guys so I’m finally back with a new blog post! I’m going to be reviewing the true by made made beautiful line so let get right into it!
First impressions: 

This is a well thought out line with a range of products that includes 

– Shampoo

– Co-wash

– Hair Mask

– Leave-in 

– Stylers ( gel like styler, and hair butter)

– Curl refresher spray 

I also think the suggestion of which curl types would best suited for the product are helpful for those that use hair typing.
Smell and Price 

All the products have a great tropical smell.

Price point ranges from $9.99-$12.99 

These products are currently sold online and in Sally’s Beauty Supply.
My favorites:

I have some stand out favorites that I would recommend and repurchase:

The Co-wash: This is a great Co-wash. It does a great job of cleaning the hair gently and had slip to aid in detangling hair. 

The Hair Mask:

This jar of deep conditioner is very thick and truly leaves my hair feeling moisturized. It has the same great sent as the rest of the line and is definitely worth giving a try.

The leave in Conditioner:

I’m normally not a huge fan of leave in’s but I was pleasantly surprised when I got to try out this product. It gives curls a instant shine and lots of definition.

Products I didn’t like:

While the rest of the line was just average in its performance, I did dislike one item. The curl refresher spray from this line was not a winner in my book. It left my hair unbearably sticky I personally wouldn’t recommend or repurchase this item.
So guys that’s my thoughts on the True Line … Have you guys tried these products before?
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