The Truth about Texture Change

Hey guys so as I go into my 4th year of natural hair I am starting to see Texture Changes. Okay so what exactly does that mean? And how do you know the difference between texture change and damage? 
What texture change is not
– extremely changed sections of hair from coarse to loose waves 

– Straight pieces of hair that will no longer curl

The descriptions above would indicate damage, either from heat or chemical processing (i.e chemical straightening or over processed color. However more slight changes come as your curls and coils get longer. 
What I’ve noticed 

– sections of wavy hair ( that used to be more curly)

– Wet hair having a more “stretched appearance”

– Less shrinkage 

This happens and is normal as your curls get longer and essentially are heavier and will look more elongated. Fortunately since I don’t use heat frequently (once every other year) on my hair I’ve been able to determine that these changes have come from growth and not damage below are some comparison photos. What about you guys have you noticed texture changes in your natural hair? 

 Shorter Texture tighter curls   
Longer curls


Shorter curls



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