Brand Spotlight: Kurly Klips 

Hey guys I’m back with another brand spotlight. I reached out to the owner of curly clips Lana and she was so gracious to allow me to try out her products and feature her brand here on my blog. 
Curly clips was started by Lana after she had a setback with her natural hair and having to basically start from scratch. She looked everywhere for a curly extension but at the time there were no products on the market so she decided to make some herself which lead to her brand curly clips.

I received the mermaid fro texture from the curly clips brand, these human hair extensions retail for $199. They come in a great box which can also be used to store the extensions. In the box you’ll receive extra clips in case any of your clip-in clips break or, come loose. I love this texture, because it’s pretty similar to my own and is very kinky yet curly. I deep conditioned the hair and thoroughly detangled it before doing a braid and curl. To style the hair I clipped some of the extensions towards the front of my hair to create long angled curly bob. I would recommend that if you want to use the extensions to add length all over order two boxes if your hair is very thick like my own because my hair does not seamlessly blend the two if your hair is very thick. The extensions which are more fine then my own natural hair. 

I have experienced some shedding which is to be expected with any extension however it is minimal. This hair styles like a dream and is so versatile, it curls beautifully, styles beautifully and I can’t wait to do so many new styles with the extensions. I ordered the natural black color so that I can have the option to dye this hair which I plan on doing this summer to create some funky highlights without having to dye my own hair. So far I am loving the curly clips brand and the great customer service I received along with the quick shipping and great packaging. 

Be sure to follow Kurly Klips on Instagram along with me on Instagram ( @mg__03) to see all of the styles I do. I will have an update soon on my blog within the next month to let you know how the hair is holding up. ❤️


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