Why I’m annoyed that Blue Ivy’s hair is “trending”😒

Hey guys so unless you’re living under a rock you’ve heard and seen the new video Formation, the latest song from Beyoncé. 

    One of the highlights of the video is the cameo appearance from her daughter Blue Ivy rocking her huge fro along with the songs tagline “I like my baby’s hair with baby hair and Afros”. 

   First of all let me be the first to say I think Blue Ivy looks absolutely adorable in the video and I love her confidence and her cute Afro. What I’m not a fan of is this sometimey fans that have come forward all of a sudden praising Beyoncé and the song saying they love her daughter’s hair when only a few months ago constant criticism was coming at both parents over the lack of “styling” Blue Ivy’s hair. 

     I heard everything from they make too much money to not do her hair, to her hair is nappy, and sadly a comparison between little Northwest and Blue Ivy praising Northwest as beautiful and slamming Blue Ivy as ugly. Not to mention BET slamming Baby Blue’s hair.




  I was shocked and disgusted at some of the comments I’ve seen and read. I’m happy that people are now coming out in support of Beyoncé leaving her daughter’s hair as it is, however I don’t believe all of the support is genuine. I’m hopefull this “trend” will keep going and instead of being a trend become a permanent viewpoint in our culture. What are your thoughts on this issue? 


2 thoughts on “Why I’m annoyed that Blue Ivy’s hair is “trending”😒

  1. Mami In the City says:

    Children in the spotlight should never be judged in that way. They are innocent children. Nor is wearing your hair in its natural state trendy. Yes there are a lot of people they are changing their minds about the care and health of their hair but I don’t think a majority of people are doing it because it’s trendy. My hair is not a crop top.


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