Product Buzz: New Shea Moisture Products !

Hey guys so if you haven’t already seen the buzz circulating online Shea moisture came in to the new year strong !!! They quietly dropped several NEW product lines. These items aren’t on the Shea moisture site yet but can be found at Sally beauty, Target,and Drugstores . 

1. Flaxseed Oil-

According to the description flaxseed oil :

•Helps shield hair and skin from environmental stressors 

•Rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants and minerals 

•Provides head-to-toe protection.

Found at Sally Beauty 

2. Jamaican Black Castor Oil –

This oil is designed to be a:

•Natural remedy for a wide range of skin and hair problems 

•Stimulates circulation to help support healthy hair growth 

•Helps defend skins youthful appearance

•High content in Omega-9 fatty acids Head-to-toe restoration

Found at Sally beauty

3. Monoi Oil –

This oil is:

•Rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants 

•Leaves hair and skin luxuriously soft and supple 

•Adds healthy luminosity to dull hair and skin Restores ultimate softness Head-to-toe softening

Found at Sally beauty 

4. Shea Oil ( not Shea butter)-

This oil is  :

•Packed with essential fatty acids, phytosterols and Vitamins A, E and F 

•Helps restore moisture and nourish the driest of skin and hair 

•Made with natural and certified organic ingredients Head-to-toe moisturization

Found at Sally beauty 

Now if that’s not enough they also dropped several NEW product lines.

1. Shea Moisture low porosity line-

Focuses specifically on low porosity hair.   
Found at Target 

2. Shea moisture High porosity line-

Focuses specifically on high porosity hair .

Found at Target 

3. Frizz fighting line – 

 Using Shea and cupuaçu butter to fight frizz.

Found at Walgreens

4. The scalp and hair detox-

Featuring activated charcoal to cleanse and detox hair.

   Found at Walgreens 

5. Hair and body supplements 

To help will hair ,skin ,beauty and overall wellness.

Found at Target 

6. Sensitive skin care line-

This body wash and clay mask feature rose oil to calm skin.  
Found at Target 
Whew ! That a lot of products be sure to let me know which items you’d like to see a review on, and if you’ve tried these yet!

Mary G.


2 thoughts on “Product Buzz: New Shea Moisture Products !

  1. Nivona says:

    My heart started racing looking at these new products. The product junkie in me wants to go to Walgreens and tare right now. I hope the low porosity line gets a mask, cowash, and styler like the high porosity line.


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