10 IG accounts I’m loving in 2016!

Hey guys, most of us are focused on goals and finding inspiration this time of year. So I decided to put together 10 accounts that are giving me all kinds of life and inspiration for 2016 from hair to fashion goals I’m loving these accounts:
1.  @itstayloranne__ 

This girl is curly hair goals all the way! Her hair and length give me so much life !! Trying to grow out your curls ? This account will definitely keep you inspired!

2. @poshdollaz

From her perfect tapered cut to her style she slays it all. Rather your looking for fashion or hair inspiration this account is one you need to checkout.

3.  @rikki_danielle

I love this account if you are transitioning, newly natural or thinking of going natural this account has tons of style inspiration!

4.  @sashabasha2

Where to begin:  fashion, bomb hair, and the cutest little baby ! Sasha has the best hair styles and great pictures 🙌🏾.

5.  @peeks


Her adorable family , big fro, and bigger smile are stunning!

6.  @itsarockyworld

Fashion meets fro on this page …I love rockys style , if your looking to switch up your style or just want Fashion inspiration look no further.

7.  @freshlengths

Her product reviews, hair styles, and blog on her hair from relaxed to natural are amazing .
8.  @volitionofcgw

  This image pretty much says it all  😫 this big blonde fro and style are EVERYTHING!

9.  @natoyap


These curls give me life , I mean just look at that fro !!!

10. @stephy_fro 

   Yep another big natural fro is on my list! I just couldn’t resist being inspired by her amazing hair!


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