How to: Fro to fab in 5 steps  

 Hey guys I’m back with a style quickie: 

I always get so many compliments on my textured bun, here’s how to get the look and save a failed style at the same time!

1. Start loose hair 

2. Create high puff 

3. Apply second hair tie to create bun.

4. Smooth edges .

5. Refine bun shape and secure with Bobby pins.
That’s it like that you’ve got a sleek yet textured style! 

So quick and easy! 



2 thoughts on “How to: Fro to fab in 5 steps  

  1. Linda says:

    I just wanted to say – I wish you would word this differently. Since when are Afros not fabulous? I wear one every day and I certainly think it’s fabulous. As a young women representing the natural hair community please consider the words you use-we have enough negativity to fight again without someone saying Afros aren’t fabulous! js


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