Natural Hair Myths: Is Mineral Oil bad for your hair? 


    Hey guys so I want to address some natural hair myths here on my blog. First up lets talk about mineral oil. This ingredient has quite a bad rep. I get asked often about why I used Natures Blessing, a product that I personally love but that does include mineral oil. It made me curious so I got researching. Believe it or not cosmetic grade mineral oil is a very common ingredient and is probably found in at least one of the natural hair products you are currently using. Due to its low cost to the manufacturer this ingredient is commonly used, and found in many big brands. So the question remains is it good or bad for your hair? Well the process that mineral oil goes through to be considered cosmetic grade is lengthy and ensures that it is safe for external use. Although many opinions are circulating within the natural hair community, their aren’t any studies that substantiate these claims. As with anything else you may find that you personally find mineral oil to be an ingredient that you have to avoid. Skin sensitivity, and many other issues may play into your decision. What I can say is that my hair thrives using this product and that I haven’t experienced any problems as a result of using products that contain mineral oil. I hope this info help you in making your own decision and debunks the natural hair myth that mineral oil is bad. 

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