Curly Chat: Is Colorism in the Natural Hair Community ??

Hey guys, 

I’m back with another curly chat, this time on Colorism. The “Natural hair Community” is supposed to be a wonderful place where women of color can feel empowered, represented, and beautiful. Although I still believe this is the goal of many with in this community, I would have to be completely oblivious if I said I don’t observe Colorism  with in the community. 

Twitter,Tumblr,Instagram,and Pintrest are full of pages dedicated to natural hair. I have personally observed women with lighter skin, being reposted more frequently particularly if they have wider set curl patterns. In addition the response, amount of likes, reposts etc. occur most often for women’s with curly hair and lighter skin. I’m sure opinions on this topic will vary greatly and many of you will feel that my observations are inaccurate. I completely respect that and we can agree to disagree. I just feel like starting conversations on issues like this can really benefit women of all shades. I really appreciate women who are lighter with “more desired” hair textures acknowledging this issue and the need for change. I hope that slowly but surely conversations will be had and lead to change with in the black community and many other communities that are affected by colorism. 

The ideals of beauty need to become more inclusive, young girls need to feel beautiful and see their beauty promoted. Having one or two darker/dark skin role models versus the hundreds of lighter models is not enough. Let’s have more women to name than Lupita when we are trying to convince out brown daughters that they are beautiful.

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3 thoughts on “Curly Chat: Is Colorism in the Natural Hair Community ??

  1. Khrys says:

    While I agree 100% with what you said, I think it needs to be acknowledged that these women are NOT black. They are mixed race. I know that as African Americans we don’t always have the same hair texture. But there is no fenying that there is a strong preference for non-black, white, biracial within the African American community because the overwhelming majority of us are full of self-haterd. In my opinion, until black people learn to love and accept their African hair and black skin, no matter how dark the skin or how kinky the curl may be, they will always prefer whiteness and people that look close to white.


    • mgaskins03 says:

      I choose these images so as not to single out several of the BLACK women that are constantly reposted and promoted in the community, rather mixed or African American I have noticed a strong inclination to repost,promote, and a higher following on pages of women that are lighter, regardless of they racial background, and many of the “natural hair” pages are started and moderated by women of color and yet and still they post lighter black women and loose textures versus the black women that are dark. Thank you for reading and giving feedback❤️❤️😀 I REALLY Appreciate IT !!!


  2. Georgia Rose says:

    I agree also, I am lighter yet my hair matches up to none of these girls. The hair texture what is what bothers me. The hair is always going to be natural if you have loose curls, it’s too easy. I myself would like to see women of a darker complexion or naturals with a more kinky texture. It’s way too easy to post light girls. It’s like you have to search for darker complexions.


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