Final Thoughts on the Curly Girl Method



Hey guys, 

I’m glad to be back to blogging! I wanted to finally get my recap of the CG method posted. 

I started the CG method as a 3month hair experiment to see how my hair either improved or stayed the same with this method. All in all I feel like this method will suit some more than others. My hair’s initial reaction was very positive, I saw loads of definition right away, I also has less shedding (which I feel is due to the finger detangle process). However by month two my initial honeymoon phase started to wear off. I feel like my hair didn’t a moist and it lacked shine. I have seen strong mixed reviews on this method, people either love or hate the method. For me I just feel like the fit wasn’t quite right.  I have incorporated into my routine things that I feel like improved my hair such as finger detangling more but all in all following this method devoutly isn’t for me. Hopefully this recap along with my posts on the method will help you in deciding whether or this method will work for you. 

Peace and Love,

Mary G.


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