Natural Hair Bloggers are FAKE: Should you trust me? 

Hey guys, 

I got inspired to write about this topic after tuning in to Mythriftedcloset’s periscope channel. In her scope she touched on a lot of the things I have been noticing lately with in the “blogger realm” of the natural hair community. In general she spoke about how “popular” hair bloggers with the exception of some have become self-absorbed, wanna be celebrities that blindly recommend EVERY product in exchange for compensation, not really concerning themselves with the everyday woman who’s looking to them for RELIABLE guidance. Sadly, I have to admit I have observed a decline in the amount of “genuine” Natural Hair bloggers that aren’t just a carbon copy of someone else they have seen, wildly throwing up the occasional sponsored YT video. “Natural hair Blogger/Vlogger ” finds it’s self as a tag line  in every online bio. The over saturation of women claiming to blog and provide “honest” opinions is truly overwhelming. It leaves you to question is anyone really honest anymore? Are any hair bloggers really out there with helping women as there focus? The answer is, Yes. In the same way you research the stores you shop at, the doctor you visit, and car you buy research the bloggers you listen to. Don’t take a review at face value. Do your own research too. Personally I work hard at being an honest blogger, and being one doesn’t always get you the most followers or dollars but for me my values are far more important. 

Mary G.


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