Let’s talk deep conditioner: feat. Macadamia Professional

Hi guys,

I’m back to show you how I get the most out of my deep conditioning, and share my thoughts on the NEW Macadamia Professional Ultra Rich Moistute Masque. I love deep conditioning but I have to confess I’ve been neglecting this step lately and my hair really needed some TLC. 

This masque is formulated with kinky/ coily coarse hair in mind. It claims to, “Infuse coarse or coiled textured hair with an instant moisture boost with Macadamia Professional’s Ultra Rich Moisture Masque. This masque provides nourishment to dry, damaged hair and strengthens the individual hair strands to help repair and defend against future damage. Hydration is locked in and hair is left healthy, shiny and restored.” But does it really do that? Check out the video clips below.


In clip #1 , I sectioned and smoothed each section with my denman and twisted once done, I then cover my hair with plastic to get even more of an intense treatment. I rinsed with cold water after 20 mins and the results after styling are AMAZING!  This masque instilled so much moisture in my hair.  It also strengthens the lipid layer thus helping with elasticity of your curls. The results speak for themselves, if you want to try this masque head to Ulta.com and check out this brand, this product is sold in various sizes with the price point ranging from $6-$36. Have you tried this brand before? 

Styling results :



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