Curly Chat: Why it’s important to see Natural Hair in Media

Hey Guys!

So a few weeks ago is saw this AMAZING image of Tamera Mowry-Housley circulating on Instagram.

I got so excited to see her rocking her curls but worried that once she returned to her current spot on the daytime television show, The Real, that she would no longer wear her natural hair out. 
    I was pleasantly surprised when I saw “The Real” and her awesome fro of curls stealing the show. It is so important to continue to restructure the images in media that are portrayed as beautiful. A limited representation of skin color, hair type, and body type have gone on, as the standard of beauty for far to long. 

        When you don’t see anyone who looks like you represented in the media, it convinces you that you are not considered beautiful. No one should grow up feeling that way! The variety of women of color who are now being promoted and honored in the media is long overdue, and genuinely needed. Speeches like the one Emmy Winner Viola Davis made need to be said.

   To the average person they may not have thought twice about Tamera’s choice to wear her natural texture but to many little brown girls and brown women, it will mean the world, and it may just give them the courage to embrace their own natural beauty.

Mary G.


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