Hey guys,

Many Naturals hate using shampoo. Shampoos have detergents that cleanse the hair but for many naturals they feel that this process of cleansing leaves them with dry tresses, and tangled knots. Is that how you feel?

As a result companies have heard the cries of the many consumers who feel this way and there are tons of products on the market that gently cleanse. How can you make sure that your hair is being cleansed properly when Co-washing ? Well here is my #1 tip on properly Co-washing your hair:

Make sure you are using a conditioner formulated to CLEANSE!

I have seen many a YT video of ladies using REGULAR conditioners to Co-wash. THIS IS A BIG NO NO! Unless the product is marketed as a Co-wash, No-poo, or Low-poo it should not be used as a Co-wash or Cleansing Conditioner. Why? Well regular conditioners are not formulated to cleanse, as one stylist said its like using lotion instead of body wash to shower. This mistake can actually do more harm than good to the hair. For example, scalp issues and product build up are just some of the issues that can result from improper cleansing. One of my favorite affordable gentle cleansers is the As I am brand  Coconut Co-wash.

As I mentioned there are tons of options if you want to give Co-washing a try. Personally I’m enjoying the switch to gentle cleansing, you might find its a perfect fit for your hair too.

Mary G 


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