How to: Go from Fro to Fabulous in 5mins.

Hey guys

I’m so glad to be back! I love sharing my tips and tricks with you guys so I thought why not share my fav protective style the messy bun.. Check out the video below to see my steps on how I get this sleek style.

  1. I smooth the entire perimeter of my hair, smoothing in an upward motion ensures a sleek look and prepares the hair to be put into an up do.
  2. I use a large string to slide up my hair and create a high puff. I center my puff because I want a high bun.
  3. I shape the hair into a bun. I secure the hair with bobby pins. I like to create the general shape of a bun, but leave a few pieces out to create the messy bun look. I like doing this style on old textured hair so my bun is full, and voluminous, and still has the curly texture.
  4. I finish by styling and smoothing my edges to my liking. (this step is optional) I like to use Ecostyler Gel to get my styles super sleek.
  5. All done enjoy your cute chic and easy style.

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