Twist out with TGIN 

          Hey guys so I was sent over some samples of TGIN hair line. As you guys know I’m following and document my hair’s response to the Curlu Girl Method, so for now I can only share my thought on the :

TGIN green tea leave-in and the 

TGIN twist and define cream 

The other products were not CG friendly.
    I started with the green tea leave-in as soon as I applied this product it left my hair SUPER SOFT! I’d love to see how this product styles on its own for a wash and go. 

     I followed up with the twist and define cream, now the weird thing is I didn’t like how this product felt in my hair, and I was worried I wasn’t going to like the results once it was dry. I did a twist out with the products and allowed my hair to air dry overnight. 

   The following day I untwisted my hair and fluffed, I got definition, and softness which I love. 

   I’m really like the TGIN lines focus on combating drynes which is important with textured hair. The products also layer in and work together well, and despite this styler having Shea butter as an ingredient my hair has responded well to this product giving me the results shown below. 

 I will use these products again for a twist and curl and update you guys with a final review of the products. If you’d like to give these a try in the meantime they can be found at most target stores and online. 

See you guys next Monday!

Mary G


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