WHY IS MY HAIR SO DRY? Is your diet to blame?

      Most naturals are on a constant pursuit for products that help hair retain moisture, but products alone aren’t enough. Let’s discuss the role diet can play in hair health, particularly in moisture retention.
        Occasionally indulging in a cheat meal here and there won’t wreak havoc on your hair, but an overall poor diet will. Most of us are concerned with having healthy hair, and reaching our hair goals (whatever that might be) however the best products can not outweigh a poor diet. Healthy hair is directly correlated to overall healthy. Think about it, a side effect of many illnesses and medications is an affect on hair health, why because general has been affected. So the same is true even if your are not suffering from illnesses or certain medications, what your take in to your body, and feed your hair, is just as important as what you put on your hair.
What are some miracle foods for moisture?
Here are some foods and beverages that have AMAZING affects on your hair and it moisture:
1. Water- our bodies literally need water for everything! A diet that includes little to no water will cause more dryness to your hair along with many other problems. Remember during these summer months you really have to stay hydrated adjust your water intake accordingly to avoid dehydrated strands.
2. Salmon- This fish is full of Omega-3’s, this nutrient aids in a healthy scalp which is the source of healthy hair. Omegas-3 fatty acids help balance the oils in your body, reducing dry flakiness, and itching on the scalp, and aiding in more supple strands. I eat salmon ( wild not farmed) at least twice a week.
3. Flaxseeds- This is yet another food that is full of omega-3’s (benefits mentioned above), I love tossing these on my salad, in smoothies, and over yogurt to get them into my diet.
4. Spinach- This leafy green is another food that helps the body regulate oil production at the source of hair health the scalp. I love green smoothies, and salads, and sautéed with garlic along side salmon.
5. Eggs – They are full nutrients that aid in overall hair health such as Biotin, vitamin B5, and B12.
6. Quinoa- This Plant based protein helps deliver proteins to strands, hair lacking in protein is likely to be dry and brittle, although hair treatments that aid in delivering protein to the hair are useful (see Pt.1) feeding hair from the inside out is just as essential and effective.
These are just a few of the many foods that help hair stay moisturized, and healthy. Including healthy foods in your diet really can make a difference in the overall health of your hair, remember healthy hair starts from with in.
For more on how I keep my hair moisturized check out part 1,2 on my “why is my hair so dry?” Here on my blog❤️
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