PRODUCT REVIEW: CG Friendly Conditioner for under $5

Hey guys so if you follow me on periscope TV (username mg__03) then you saw my video sharing about how I will be revisiting the CG method (Curly Girl Method). So I’ve been on the hunt for CG friendly products, especially Silicone Free Conditioners, and I’m loving the Tresemee Perfectly Undone Weightless Silicone Free Conditioner.

Where you can find it: this product can be found at All major drugstores, and Grocery Stores.

Why I’m loving it: It has an Amazing light fragrance, a ton of slip which made finger detangling a breeze, and it left my curls shiny and springy

The Cost: 3.99-4.99 depending on what area you live in

How I use it: I applied this product section by section, finger detangling as I went along. I then allowed the product to sit on my hair with a plastic cap (you can use heat ), I then rinsed my hair under a low stream of cool water. (note: this had a slight foam when it rinses out like a low lather shampoo this is perfectly normal) I then used a microfiber towel, or and old tee shirt will work to dry my hair and then proceeded to style.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely love this product, I will be restocking on it so that I won’t run out! I think this is a great CG Friendly conditioner and worth a try for any who are using this method.

Okay guys that’s it for my thoughts on this great product! See ya Monday !


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