My Modified CG ( Curly Girl) Method

Hey there guys,

Lots of you have asked me to share what I will and won’t be doing for the next three months with my modified CG method so here it goes:

What My Modified CG Method will and won’t include:

  • I will be Co-washing ONLY now with a Cleansing Conditioner ( SULFATE Free)
  • I will be Finger Detangling ONLY
  • I will be using Sulfate and Silicone Free ( the bad kind of Silicones, that aren’t water soluble ) products
  • I will be using Silicone Free Stylers
  • I will be using oils that aren’t to heavy on the hair
  • Oils I will not be using are Shea Butter, Mineral Oil, and Castor Oil (Nature’s Blessing is not CG Friendly)
  • My CG Friendly Oil of Choices will be Argan/ Coconut Oil
  • I will style in other styles besides the wash and go
  • I will allow occasional use of heat (X 2 a year maximum which I never exceed)
  • I will do Heat Free Stretched Styles
  •  I will continue Deep Conditioning with low indirect heat once a week

Okay guys so there you have it, as you can see I following the CG method for the most part but have made some modifications to suit my preferences. As I mentioned I will be testing this out for the next 3 months before deciding if I will keep this method or not. I will also be reviewing the various CG friendly products I try out and sharing my thoughts on them here on my blog.

Below are pictures of my curls after about 1 1/2 weeks using this method.

See ya Friday! 

NEXT UP: CG METHOD 101: What Silicones are Bad 



2 thoughts on “My Modified CG ( Curly Girl) Method

  1. Cherrita says:

    I’ve been practicing the CG method for about 4 or 5 months now. As I told you on the scope I’ve really seen an improvement in my hair appearance. I was wondering what you’ve learned about the different oils. I used the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black treatment mask and leave in yesterday and my wash and go retaliated against the products lol!!! But my hair felt great. I’m not a Shea butter user and you mentioned that as being a oil you will not use. Thanks!


    • mgaskins03 says:

      Yeah the JBCO sheamoisture mask has Shea butter and castor oil so I’m no longer using it as castor oil isn’t CG friendly from what I’ve researched , and yes I’ll be sharing more info on oils soon 🙂


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