Why your not getting the most out of your conditioner : What to Start and Stop doing TODAY!

Hey Beautiful People!

As promised I’m back with part two on the conditioning series here’s what your should start and stop today:

  1. Add Steam and Heat !

Using heat in my deep conditioning really makes the difference in imparting moisture to my thick low-porosity strands. I like to use Medium-low Indirect heat of my over head dryer to really penetrate my strands , you can find tons of dryer/soft bonnet dryer options on Amazon.com . If you really want to take it up a notch using a steamer (like the Hueitful Steamer) will really take your conditioning to a whole new level! If your looking for a more budget friendly option the Q-redew handheld steamer is another great choice. The use of Heat and or Steam in your deep conditioning regimen will really increase the effectiveness of your deep conditioning, and aid in increased moisture.


Now for many naturals we believe that if some is good more is better. This view however is not always the case, especially in reference to conditioning. I have a newly natural friend that was literally conditioning her TWA for 24hrs! Over conditioning, or Hydrofatigue is very real and actually will cause more harm than good. Be sure to read the directions of the product you are using, take into account factors like  your hair’s density, and length, and remember if you are going to incorporate heat its best to not exceed more than 30 minutes of deep conditioning. If you want more information on hydrofatigue and what happens when you overcondition check out the GreenBeautyChannel on youtube for a super informative video.

Okay loves hopefully these reminders were helpful, Be sure to come Back Wednesday for a New Post!


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