5 products I swear by :


Hey guys I’m back again, sharing my favorite products! I’m always asked on instagram “What are your favorite products?” well here are 5 products I swear by:

1. The Cleanser: Shea Moisture Manuka Honey Shampoo
Retails for: $9.99
Sold at: Target Stores and Online
Why I love it:
From the smell to the soft silky feel this gives my hair from the first lather this is hands down one of the best shampoos I have ever tried. It leaves my hair feeling clean with out being stripped.


2. The Conditioner: Tresseme Naturals
Retails for: $3.99
Sold at: All major Drugstores and Beauty Supplies
Why I love it:
This conditioner is tried and true for me. It’s so much product for a great price, I has a balance of slip while still being thick enough to coat my strands and it makes detangling in the shower a breeze.

3. The Styler: Eco Styler Gel
Retails for : 1.99-9.99
Sold at: Most Drugstores, Walmart, Sally Beauty, Beauty Supply Stores
Why I love it:
How I do love ecostyler! Let me count the ways, it’s amazing as a styler, can double as a edge control, isn’t flaky, gives me definition for days, is CG friendly, ugh the list can go on and on! Basically this is a staple for me…I was even able to find it abroad!


4. The Moisturizer/Oil: Nature’s Blessing
Retails for: $4.99-6.99
Sold at: Most Beauty Supplies and Amazon.com
Why I love it: Okay so this is my secret weapon for why my hair is so moisturized and shiny. I love this stuff it’s sold in my area but can also be found on amazon. It has loads of essential oils, smells great, is great on sensitive scalps and pretty much takes my styles from zero to hero!

5. The Edge Control: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges
Retails for: $4.49-4.99
Sold at: Most Drugstores, Sally’s, and Beauty Supplies
Why I love it: For me smooth edges complete my styles, I know I know it’s a bit of an obsession but this stuff is amazing for slick sleek styles. It gives me that snatched look when I’m going for it and for less than $5 dollars!

I have many more favorites but these products are tried and true and never let me down!

Mary G.


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