3 things I ALWAYS DO for a Flawless Braidout!

Hey there beautiful people! I’m back with the 3 things I do to ensure a FLAWLESS braidout, of all the styles I do I get the most reaction out of braidout posts (like the one below). Here are 3 things I do for a flawless braidout.image

1. I ALWAYS style on freshly washed deep conditioned hair.

Styling on fresh hair for me gives me the best results. Styling on old hair that is coated in residual product leaves me with hair that’s weighed down and lacking luster and shine ( I prefer twistouts on old/dry hair) . Deep conditioning before I style ensures that I will have super soft voluminous results no matter what styler(s) I use, even gels.

2. I ALWAYS apply an oil to my braids.

For me my go to hair pomade is natures blessing ( pictured below) but any oil of your choice is fine. I always make sure to coat my braids either during styling, or after styling before unraveling my braids. This step helps reduce frizz and gives me the shine I’m always complimented on. I prefer this instead of coating my fingers with oil, the shine and lack of frizz helps me keep my style popping long after 3rd day hair!


3. I ALWAYS treat the braid takedown as important as the installation!

To get FLAWLESS RESULTS time and patience is needed when taking down your braids! I literally cringe when is see tutorials where a beautiful braidout is ruined because the style is not takedown properly. I slowly remove my braids using the opposite motion used to braid going slowly to prevent frizz. Although this takes a bit more time it is totally worth it to me, since I won’t have to restyle for at least a week.

Here’s a pic of my braidout after several days :

These tips will have you on your way to your own FLAWLESS braidout!

Mary G.


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