Miracle Repair with Dr. Miracles

Hey there beautiful people! If you follow me on Instagram then you saw my post on a new product I used that had my curls POPPING, well here it is! I was sent the Miracle Repair System from Dr. Miracles and here are my thoughts:



This is the No-lather shampoo, this product was quite unique. It has only a slight lather and like all of the products in this system features the repairing oils, like Coconut oil to condition and repair the hair. Following the directions I left the product on my hair for one minute before rinsing my hair. This product left my hair feeling cleansed but not dry, and is a great alternative for those who usually co-wash.

STEP 2/3


These steps focus on rebuilding the hair and restoring moisture. STEP 2 focused on the protein and strengthening of the hair. This system is great for relaxed and natural hair, for me since my hair is color treated I loved knowing  that this step will repair and prevent damage to my hair. Following the directions I covered my hair and left the treatment on for 20 mins then rinsed with cool water. I finished with STEP 3 which adds moisture back to the hair and softens the hair, this product had lots of slip, so detangling was easy and it made my curls pop. I left the treatment on for 10 minutes then rinsed with cool water.

Final Thoughts:

All in all I really like this system, and loved how my curls were popping. I don’t however like the packaging, the packets can be a little fussy to work with and for someone with long thick hair you might need more than one because not a lot of product is in the packets, I had just enough to work through my hair ( my hair is shoulder length). Check out the Dr. Miracles products available online and in store.

Photos of my hair after using the system:

image image image image


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