Why is my Hair So Dry? Pt.2

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Hey beautiful people,

Ok so as promised lets get into Part 2 of why natural hair is so dry. If you haven’t read part 1 please do … now let me start off with this disclaimer, In this series I am just sharing what I have personally found to be the case with my hair. I have also found out by way of hair forums ( many links to the resources I used can be found in part 1 of this series) that I am not alone in my experience so I thought I’d share some of my findings with you all. Ok now that we got that our of the way lets get into part 2.

“Are Oils the Enemy?”

Ok so I went through a phase with my hair where I was all about the D.I.Y, I made a slew of Natural Oil based stylers jam packed with benefits, and blended with a touch of various essential oils. I used my products liberally and Initially enjoyed the results, however with prolonged use I found that my hair was starting to become really frizzy when wet, with only the very tips of my hair coiling into curls. I felt stumped I was being more product aware than I’d ever been, and all the oils I was coated my hair with were designed to make my hair more manageable and moist. I invested in high quality unrefined organic ingredients but yet after a few more weeks of use my hair felt even worse, it began to be completely undefined and it felt wiry when wet.

Discovering the Culprit and Recovery

Okay so by now I was literally in tears was my texture changing, what was going wrong, where were my curls? I confided in my sister a former natural hair stylist, and Natural for the past ten years and she began to look through my D.I.Y products. “These are the reason your hair looks a mess!” I felt so stupid I had spent time money and energy crafting these products and using them, and they were indeed the reason for my hair being a mess! I began to slowly detox my hair by using nothing but lighter water based stylers and gentle washes. She even use unscented Dawn Hand soap on my hair to break down all the oils on my strands and scalp. As the water rinsed away the suds I saw curls springy curls forming! I kept up my routine ( with the exception of the dawn that was just to clarify my hair) of a hair detox for about six weeks and soon my curls and overall texture was back, when dry my hair felt soft, moist, and didn’t feel dry or brittle anymore.


What’s the point of this awful story? Well it taught me that not all oils are good for all hair types. In my instance some of the main ingredients in my D.I.Y products were weighing down my hair, blocking my natural oils, and leaving me with dry brittle strands. I looked up my experience to see if I’m the only weirdo and believe it or not there are lots of naturals that found that some of the oils they were using to instill moisture were actually leaving their hair dry. In my case Shea butter is not my friend, unless I use it in very sparing amounts, or if its present in a styler or conditioner. Not all oils actually penetrate the stand but rather sit on top of the hair. It may be a trial and error process finding out what oils to include and which to avoid, but whatever the oil remember sometimes less is more because you never want to clog the pores of your scalp and prevent the natural production of oils on your hair.

I hope this was helpful… and don’t forget to come back for part 3 : Is Your Diet the Blame?

Mary G.


2 thoughts on “Why is my Hair So Dry? Pt.2

  1. Ashlei says:

    So you said you used Unsecented Dawn hand soap? Was this safe for your hair? And it didn’t effect or make it dry? Did you use it frequently? Sorry for all the questions its just makes me think is this why after all these years my hair is so frizzy? Because my hair is healthy but I cojld never get rid of the frizzyness!!! And then also my hair gets so dry even after wash day naturalhair problems. But I hope you comment back love your hair and blog!!!


    • mgaskins03 says:

      I can only say I did this as a last resort on my hair, I don’t recommend it to others but for my hair it worked, no I didn’t use it continuously, you can use clarifying shampoos to remove build up if you think it is contributing to the frizz in your hair, thanks for reading❤️


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