Amauri Naturals Review

photo 3 New products in review….

Okay so this is a brand I was completely unaware of before they contacted  me and asked me to give their products a try…I am so thankful I said yes!

I was sent the Curls Galore collection from Amauri Naturals, these products promote curls and feature Biotin, Niacin, and Pathenol all of which hold benefits for healthy hair.

I began by washing with the Curls Galore Shampoo, It has a very light almost unoticable scent, this product is free of sulfates and is vegan friendly. This Shampoo lathers really well and a little goes quite a long way! While rinsing my hair felt clean with out feeling striped which is really important in dealing with curly hair.

I followed by using the Curls Galore Conditioner which has a very runny texture almost like watered down conditioner, and a light citrus smell. Don’t let this conditioner’s runny texture fool you it really softens the hair and adds moisture with out weight. I was worried that my thick curls might not be suited for such a light product but to my surprise I saw my tangles melt away and my curls begin to pop.

Finally I styled with the Curls Galore Moisturizing Hair Lotion. Ok I’m not gonna lie I was really tempted to add some other styler to my hair because I felt like this ‘Hair lotion’ was wayyyyy to lightweight to define and leave my curls frizz free, but I really wanted to see how this brand would stand alone so I didn’t want to add in any extra products. I styled my hair in a twistout, this lotion is full of slip so styling was a breeze, I sectioned large twists and the let them dry overnight. In the morning I took down my 80% dry twists and fluffed, my results were super soft, frizz free.

My favorite product from the line is hands down the hair lotion, it can stand alone as a styler, serve as an awesome leave-in, and pairs nicely with most other products because its so lightweight. It is a great detangler and makes hair feel so silky as soon as its applied.

Check out Amauri naturals for your self and be sure to tell me what you think!

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