Hey y’all so I’m finally sharing my thoughts on the Ouidad Curl Recovery Meltdown Mask. This treatment is more than a deep conditioner Ouidad claims that it will “envelope the hair shaft with a cushion like coating of concentrated fatty acids vital to rebuilding nourishing and protecting hair. This treatment is designed to restore the hair’s lipid barrier which prevents future damage, helps with moisture balance and elasticity, or the springy bounce of your curls. So does it do that?

I have a particular section in the crown of my head where some limp curls hang, it’s been this way since I big chopped and I wondered if this mask could help develop some ringlets in my problem area. I found a great price for this mask on Amazon.com so I quickly snatched up a jar. I applied the treatment after washing my hair and it immediately felt like “BUTTA” I mean WOW! I recommend applying a small bit (a little goes a very long way) section by section and working the product through from tips to roots. I let the treatment stay on my hair for 20 mins then rinse with cold water. I’ve seen a difference in my problem area and will include photos below. This is now a staple product for me I love it ! It has a light smell tons of slip and really gets my curls “popping” . I use it every other week  alternating with another deep conditioner and will keep you guys posted on the improvement to my problem area.

Mary G.



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