In Review: Hair Yum Hits and Misses

Hi guys,

I got to try out the entire line from Hair Yum. I love that the Hair Yum Products are vegan and ingredient conscious. l began with the Lavender Mango Shampoo this shampoo smells so good, and it feels so moisturizing in the hair, despite being sulfate free it gives a good lather and a little goes a long way which is great if you have long thick hair like me. I followed up with the Pink Sugar Protein Rich conditioner, this conditioner had less ofimage

a moisture based smoothing feel which is to be expected from protein based products but all in all felt okay in my hair.

Now on to the Blueberry Yogurt Deep Conditioner all I can say is wow, wow, wow, this product is great especially if you have thick, and or kinky hair the slip is so amazing with this product and the texture is so thick it truly coats every strand. I understand why I’ve seen praise coming from so many naturals online about this conditioner it was a definite Hit for me!

Lastly the Coconut Leave-in Souffle this product was a major miss for me. I wanted to love this product so bad but it didn’t not love my hair back… the texture is so thick and the smell is just like fresh coconuts, but this product left my hair looking ashy and left white residue, I think this thicker product might be better for kinkier textures that struggle with moisture retention. It may be that my bad experience is due to user error, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to test the waters again.


The odd thing was when I rinsed my hair out to re-style, my curls were amazing, weird huh? The Shampoo and conditioner retail for 15.95 and the Deep conditioner and Leave-in retail for 18.95. These product are available online only on esty. Have you guys tried these before?


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