THANK YOU!image I’ve hit 3000 followers which in comparison to many others is not a lot but to me it is a ton! I feel like I was beginning to caught up in the numbers game, but I have taken a step back and realized even if I have just one follower, or my blog reaches just one person that is MAJOR. Is hair/beauty really that important? In comparison to major world issues honestly no but on a individual level YES! My ultimate goal with my blog, and IG, and hopefully in the future YT is to be the difference between a young girl looking in the mirror and hating what she sees or loving it. I know that there are already tons of natural hair bloggers, but I believe that the promotion of so many hair types, skin shades, body shapes and faces is AWESOME because the beauty ideal is slowly being shifted as a result, for years images of tons of women fitting the idea of “beauty” has been all that was circulated so to me the more the merrier, I love seeing the rainbow of beauty that is now in development with in the media. So to every one that comments, likes, repost, etc. Thank you! To those who have asked about a YouTube I am in the process of researching and saving for the right equipment so that I can bring videos with quality to my YT, so please be patient with me I only work part-time so I’m not able to just drop $500 on a camera ( I’m just being real with y’all) but I see all the comments and I hope to post more mini tutorials in the mean time here on IG💕


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