What I learned from the big chop: Hair is more than Hair


– Hair is more than hair!

I had no clue how I’d react to lose the length and hair texture I had know for over 20 years. I prepared my self to accept whatever emotions came forward, and know that it was okay if I was upset or highly emotional. When people say hair is just hair, ask them if they’ve ever lost there hair? Hair, in particular long hair, is directly correlated to beauty for women and breaking that mold takes courage, strength, and the development of an inner confidence. Have you ever seen a woman with a super low shaved cut and thought she looked gorgeous ? I know I have but I also recognize rocking that look takes major confidence.  I learned that after doing the big chop  you’ll be going through the process of building your confidence be patient with yourself and know it’s okay to feel uneasy about your new look. I learned that I have that inner confidence, which was a surprise to me. I still have my good and bad days with confidence but I was okay with parting with the traditional beauty ideal I once had for myself, and that confidence spilled over to other areas of my life. I felt a sense of inner strength that I didn’t know was there, how many more things did I think I couldn’t do but really could? It might seem like there’s no way ‘Hair’ could relate to so much more, but trust me it can!

Mary G.


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