How I “Pineapple” my hair

imageHi there,

I get asked so many times on instagram how I maintain my curls to have week old styles, to which I always reply I “pineapple” at night. This response leads to yet another question… How do you “pineapple”? or How do you avoid stretched out curls? or How do you avoid lopsided hair the next day? Well here’s how I “pineapple” :

Using a large satin/ silk scarf  fold the scarf into the shape of a triangle

Bending down rest the base on the scarf on the nape of your neck

Make sure that all the curls are not being smashed/snagged by the scarf

Then tie the scarf so as to secure it then stand up, the curls should be pushed up and tucked away, I do not secure my hair in a pony tail first I only use the scarf to preserve the style.

This method allowed me to preserve and my curls even when is was much shorter. It also allows me to avoid having my hair be over stretched and limp in some spots making it look lopsided.

Tips: make sure your hair is fully dry to avoid the lopsided look, and avoid making the scarf to tight just secure it enough to keep the scarf in place through the night.


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