How to develop a Hair regimen


With so much information swirling around Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and Blogs (hehe) you can feel really overwhelmed about what products to use. I for one have felt this way many times constantly thinking am I using the right product, what makes her curls so great what product is she using? Well step one is developing a regimen. A regimen is a consistent set of things you do to your hair (we will get back to which products should be plugged in those places later) consistency with your hair is key. So what steps should be in a regimen?

1. Cleansing- you need to have cleansing of you scalp and hair included in your regimen, how often you cleanse is up to you and we will talk more about cleansing options in another post.

2. Conditioning- conditioner helps with detangling, moisture retention, and much more this step  should be included in your regimen.

3. Deep conditioning – this step should include a product suited for the purpose of more intenstive conditioning, not using a regular conditioner, this step can be done with or with out heat, heat will lessen the time that the product should be left on the hair. The benefits of deep conditioning include moisture balance, lessened breakage, protein balance and much more.

4. Stylers- this may include a leave-in, cream or butter, gel, edge control or any combination of these, I included leave-in as a styler because for some there leave-in of choice with double as their styler. All of these products have various benefits depending on hair type, porosity, texture etc.

I hope this can help you guys have at least a general idea of what products need to be included in a natural hair regimen to have healthy hair. I promise to come back with a detailed post on how to decode the wonderful world of products.

Mary G.


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