My hair story : After the big chop

My natural hair story: Pt.1
I big chopped in 2008 after years of being relaxed. I had no idea how I’d adjust to my lack of length, and a completely new texture,but I jumped in feet first an went for it! The weekend after my big chop I went to a wedding where I saw tons of friends and I got plenty of “feedback”. Comments like,”you cut ALL that hair?”, “OH your doing the NATURAL thing”,and “people would’ve PAID for the kind of hair you had” filled the air. Despite the naysayers there were many that said positive things like, “wow your hair is beautiful”, and “wow I can really see your face”. Those comments stood out to me the most because before then I felt like I was always complemented for my hair to be complemented for my face felt like I was being complemented for ME. No matter what comments I heard I let them roll off my back because I loved my hair! I was so in love with seeing my “real” hair for the first time! That was over 2 years ago and I can’t believe it! When I first big chopped I couldn’t wait to see length but before I knew it I was two years in with “bra strap length” hair (when straightened). My two tips for anyone going natural is, be CONFIDENT even if you aren’t at first or you have to protective style to feel good do it, naysayers feed off of insecurities. My second tip is TRIM YOUR ENDS it has played a major role in my length retention, trust me it won’t stunt your growth.

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Mary G.
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