Tréluxe : The Game changer

BEST DETANGLER OF 2014🎉🎉 PRODUCT REVIEW: A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to review these AMAZING products from tréluxe, let’s start with the UNTIE THE KNOT leave-in conditioner / detangler, there are so many products out there but I tell you this stuff here is a GAME CHANGER, it immediately gives so much slip to the hair really shortening the detangling time dramatically, and trust me my hair is thick and easily tangles so I really can say I saw a major difference! Now on to the CURL SURPREME STYLER, when I saw this was a creamy styler not a gel I was immediately uninterested, however this too has become a favorite of mine! Last but certainly not least the HI DEFINITION STYLER it reminds me slightly of the “curlmaker”( by Camille Rose) but it still stands alone as being a really odd yet wonderful gel. When layered the products together I got the results pictured! I was amazed that after 7 days (photo wearing the white shirt) of wear my hair was still AMAZING and soft to the touch. These products feature active botanical that are activated by water, so hair should be completely wet when styling. The owner and creator of Tréluxe, Courtney let me know via email that this was why my initial results were lack luster( my hair was only damp). I used the UNTIE THE KNOT, CURL SUPREME, AND THE HI DEFINITION GEL in that order. My hair was never weighed down, and a little does go along way with this products. Go check out @discovertreluxe on Instagram and IF YOU BUY NOTHING ELSE TRY THE “UNTIE THE KNOT” IT IS AMAZING!!!!!💋💋 also check out other reviews like Amber Janelle’s over on IG💋


image image image


2 thoughts on “Tréluxe : The Game changer

  1. suthrnhmmnbrd78 says:

    I wonder can I achieve good definition on 4C hair. In my 3 yrs being natural, I’ve never REALLY found a product that gives good definition!! I saw some examples on 4C hair that really threw me.😱…gonna have to get in this #discovertréluxegiveaway


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