Product Review: Carols Daughter Hair Milk and Sacred Tiare Line

Hi guys! By now I’m sure you all have seen the new product line of Carol’s Daughter Product in your local Target Stores and maybe wondering if you should give them a try, here’s a quick pros and cons break down and review
– The price point of these product is fairly reasonable no product is more expensive than $13
– The accessibility of these products is great Target Stores are everywhere making getting your hair care items a breeze.
– The product (shampoo) is sulfate free balancing cleansing and gentleness (the conditioner) is full of many nourishing yet lightweight ingredients.
– The styles are lightweight and have a great yet light scent.

– The cost can add up if your hair is pretty lengthy because most products are in the size range of 6-10 oz. which can go quickly with very long thick hair
– The hair milk leave in had a runny texture which initial gave me awesome results however with time I notice my hair began to respond poorly to this product, the other hair milk styling pudding despite giving great definition got sticky on my hair and even flaked ( this could be due to user error)

Final thoughts: Although my hair wasn’t a complete fan of these products I would still say give them a try. Hair is like a fingerprint although at a glance they may seem similar no two are the same, in essence what work for me doesn’t/does may/may not work for you. The price point of these items is reasonable enough to try the whole product line at no real loss. Target Stores also have an awesome return/exchange policy so give them a try and decide for yourself! If you’ve tried these products let me know.

Chocolate curlie girlie


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