Hey there guys!

I get a lot of questions over on my instagram account ( my user name is MG__03, two underscores) about my natural hair here are the most popular questions:

1. what do you use for your edges? I use crème of nature perfect edges argan oil edge control, I also like there alma oil edge control as well.

2. Did you transition or big chop? I big chopped in August 12,2012.

3. How long did it take to get your hair to this length? I been natural 2 years

4. Do you use Hairfinity Supplements? No.

5. What is your hair type? My curls are 3c/4a, but I think that only tells  part of the story my hair is very thick except for the crown area where my curls are wider and my hair is more fine.

6. What do you use on your hair? My fav products right now are: suave conditioners, suave daily clarifying shampoo, dr. Broners almond soap, Garnier damage reverse deep conditioner, eco styler gel, natures blessing hair oil/pomade.

7. How do you get your hair so curly? The products I apply just enhance what is there.

8. Do you style your hair yourself? Yes.

9. What is your hair regimen? I don’t have a set regimen, but I go no longer than a week with out washing, I deep condition every time I wash, then I proceed to style.

Let me know over on my IG if you guys have more questions!

Mary G.pics 061


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