Regretting the Big Chop



The big chop and regrets how to overcome them and move forward:
Back on August 12, 2012 I was completely ready to cut off my relaxed hair or do what’s know as the “big chop”. Here are a few tips to how I avoided regret when making this decision.
1. Make sure you are mentally ready for the “big chop”. Don’t feel pressured to cut short your “transitioning” if your not ready.
2. Get inspiration and ideas from others with short, medium, and long natural hair.
This gives mile markers for each stage you’ll go through and helps you have something to look forward to.
3. Expect the unexpected. Many of us who do the big chop have not ever ( or not for many years) seen our “real” hair. Realize that you are starting over and learning something that is totally new to you it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.
4. Take it one day at a time.
While you are in this learning process there will be good days and bad no matter how confident you are own that and don’t confuse a bad hair day with regret.
5. It’s not a race.
Don’t go length crazy! When you relax you hair you typically do so every 6-8 weeks so you see that “new growth” instantly added to your length, with natural hair that’s not the case in addition to that fact you now have to embrace “shrinkage” or a deduction from your true length. These facts require an adjustment in your mindset and expectations.
6. Fake it till you make it!
Often times one of the most difficult parts of the process is developing confidence in your new look, while that’s happening FAKE IT! Usually you have to face family, co-workers, friends, etc. and if you lack confidence you may find yourself having to defend your decision to cut your hair! How silly would that be? Don’t defend your self even if you lack confidence just fake it and little by little you will start to own your look.
If you have any tips that helped you share them with me.

Chocolate curlie girlie


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