Natural Hair Travel Essentials

Hi guys!

I hope everyone’s summer is getting off to a great start, as y’all can tell I’ve been M.I.A lately because I’ve been living life! As much fun as my travel was I’m happy to be back stateside and sharing my favorite travel essentials with you guys.

So I decided not to protective style while away, for me this was a personal choice. I sometimes feel like those styles can be a crutch to avoid dealing with our own natural hair, and for me they require maintenance as well so I choose to rock my curls. My trip was about 3 weeks in total and I made sure to use super moisturizing hair products on my hair before leaving for NY.

I also made sure to take several products with me… check em’ out below


  1. CRN moisture milk – this item features macadamia oil, and give hair so much moisture it literally lasted for weeks. I used this half way through my trip to restyle my hair. I love that is gave me tons of definition even on dry hair.
  2. Mielle OG Edge gel–  this edge gel is literally a holy grail product for my hair . It is great for taming flyaways and creating sleek styles on the go. Plus it last no need to reapply daily.
  3. Goody active hair ties– these were a recommendation after watching a YouTube hair haul and they don’t disappoint. If you have thick hair you know the struggle of keeping a hair tie in place, these are amazing at holding thick hair and not breaking. 

Here are some photos of my  curly travels…


Current Beauty Favorites 

Hey guys,

So I been getting in the mood for spring and loving these products: 
1. Opi Fiji Collection: I don’t know about you guys but the weather influences my polish choices … so when I saw this beautiful spring color I had to grab it…it is a vivid blue with a satin finish.

2. NYX Butter gloss : This grab and go lippie is the perfect touch of color and gloss to keep lips moisturized, and its super adorable! 

3. Maybelline Matte and Poreless:

This stuff right here ! OMG it’s so great and really keeps my my skin from getting shiny! It’s a must have as we go into warmer weather.

4. Maybelline Nudes Pallete : the variety of shimmers and Matte shades make this super affordable pallete worth every penny! 

To see the rest of my thoughts on these products and others check out my favorites video here:

Product Review Mielle Organics : Curl cream and styling foam 

Hey guys ,

So unless your under a rock you’ve heard of or seen the brand Mielle Organics. The brand has seen tremendous growth over the last few years and they recently decided to expand there product line with 3 new products. Today I’ll be talking about 2 of the items, the curling cream and styling foam.

These products feature Babassu Oil , among a cocktail of other exotic oils that are designed to help naturally textured hair and relaxed hair hold on to moisture. Increasing the moisture with in the hair helps , to define curls while maintaining health the of hair. These two products are specifically formulated to work hand in hand together. When styling I followed the directions to apply the curl cream and then follow up with the styling foam.

Right away I could tell the cream was very rich and moisturizing, the styling foam was light with a nice citrus scent and the two paired well. I didn’t experience any flaking or white residue on my hair from layering the products. I will say that this combo in particular the curl cream left my hair a little sticky to the touch but it was definitely gave my hair lots of definition .

Final Recap:

  • I would re-buy and use the foam on its own, I’ve already done so for several curl sets and gotten great results.
  • Avoid using to much curl cream so your hair doesn’t feel sticky or weighed down.
  •  For the price point these products are a great addition to your natural hair stash.
  • These are a great fit for ladies that have VERY dry hair.

You can see a full demo using there products over on my Youtube channel : Mary Gaskins

Deva Curl Build Up Buster Review 

Hey guys !

I’m back an super excited to be sharing and reviewing this product from Deva curl!

So I was  super interested in this new product from Deva curl which uses Micellar water  for the hair to gently remove build up from products, hard water , and the environment.. with out stripping moisture that’s essential to curly hair…cool huh ? But I wondered if this product would really live up to the hype…

After using Build Up Buster I have to say I’m impressed. I’m very sensitive to product build up, and my hair acts pretty crazy when it’s not properly cleansed so this gem here is definitely a unique product. I don’t get to say that often since so many products on the market honestly are similar to something I’ve used before, no one is really trying to reinvent the wheel when they launch a product.  After putting this newbie cleanser to the test I have to say nothing I’ve used before compares to this. The cleanser’s texture is like washing your hair with a styling serum, or D.I.Y flaxseed gel (watery and slimy /runny in texture) it’s weird feeling but once you rinse you can tell your hair is completely cleansed. I noticed a diffrence in how easily my curls defined right away, and in how my hair responded to deep conditioning. The removal of any build up to me allowed my conditioner to be more effective and penetrate the strands. Sooooo the big question would I rebuy this product? Yes without a dobut! Have your guys tried this new product yet? You can find a demo and more in depth review of this product on my Youtube channel here:

The Best Curly Hair Products of 2016

Hey y’all it been a while but I thought I’d wrap up 2016 and head into 2017 blogging. So here are my faves in no particular order.
 1. Mielle Organics  Almond Mint Oil –

I use this oil to add sheen after styling, to seal in moisture, for hot oil treatments and scalp massages to promote growth. This stuff never lets me down!

2. Mielle Organics white peony leave in –

This leave in is so moisturizing and plays well when being layered with other stylers. I used this for almost every wash n go I wore this summer as my leave in. It’s a keeper!

3. Mielle Organics Edge Gel –

Let’s just say …. this is the ONLY EDGE GEL I USE! 

4. DevaCurl Heaven in Hair –

This stuff feels like HEAVEN in my curls for real! It leaves my curls popping and soft if you haven’t tried it your missing out.

5. DevaCurl Supecream-

I used to be a die hard gel fan until I meet cream stylers like this. It gives the perfect combo of definition, volume, and moisture. Even Day 1 hair is bomb!

6. Bekekoa Be Moist Conditioner-

A Favorite of mine since I first tried this brand, this conditioner melts away tangles and blows my mind everytime I use it!

7. Bekekoa BeHold Ultra Light Defining Gel –

This styler literally gave me 8 day I repeat 8 DAY hair …. it’s my  summer wash n go Favorite! 

8. Camille Rose Algae Renew Deep Conditioner- this super thick mask is AMAZING, made with natural ingredients and from a female / black entrepreneur!  I mean what more could I ask for ?

9. Soultanicals Hair Kink Drink –

This leave in and style refresher spray is AMAZING and smell like juice and berries …. for real! I’m normally not a fan of refresher sprays but this converted me! 

10. Heritage 1933 OMG Hair growth oil-

This brand is so great plus this oil is bomb… I love using it for scalp massages which help promote growth and hair health, it also makes a great pre-poo on days when I feel my hair needs a bit extra.

11. Ouidad Curl Recovery Meltdown Mask-

This Elasticity treatment has been bae for a long time now and yet again it’s is on my favorite list for 2016, how can you not love a mask that feels like silk, and that promotes length retention and super healthy curls.

12. Ouidad Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo- Clarfying is super important . Product build up can lead to all kinds of issues so finding a shampoo that clarifies with out stripping is like finding gold. This gem does just that leaving you with clean soft curls.

13. Ouidad curl immersion co – wash

This wash had so much slip but dosen’t disappoint when it comes to cleaning the hair! I think this line is awesome especially for dry tight curls. 

14. Ouidad Cleansing Oil-

This products was one I had to grab after seeing it featured on Mo Knows Hair’s channel. It is super concentrated so a little goes a long way and the lather is so luxurious.

15. Camille Rose Curl Maker – 

I love CRN and this product is one of the reasons why! It defines and add moisture which is why it is one of my Go -to stylers.

16. Camille Rose Cleansing Rinse-

This product is a great dupe for the Ouidad Cleansing oil. With ingredients like Castor Oil it really leaves hair feeling moisturized and curls popping. 

What are your fave products? 

5 tips to get a flawless curl set 

         Hey guys I’m starting off strong this year and working to give more consistent content here on my blog! I recently got tons of questions on how I achieved the great curl set pictured, so here are 6 tips I’ve compiled after tons of trial and error with Curl sets. This will work for perm rods, flexi rods, and traditional roller sets.

1. Start off on CLEAN hair:

I find that clean hair styles and dries better for curl sets, it will also help avoid flakiness which I’ve experienced in the past when starting off on old (previously styled hair). I also feel that clean hair that doesn’t have heavy products on it dries smoother and quicker in my personal experience.
2. Conditioner + Thoroughly detangle :

I find conditioning always helps prep my hair for styling but when heat styling I find it best to use a lighter weight conditioner to prep my hair. I choice Bekekoas Be moist conditioner to infuse moisture but avoid weight to make sure my results have lots of body. I also make sure my hair is completely detangled. This is important as it helps when sectioning and rolling hair later, and ensures hair with be smoothing when being rolled. 

3. Use a Microfiber towel to dry:

Using the right towel (preferably a microfiber towel) helps prep the hair. These towels help to avoid creating frizzy hair keeping the hair smooth in preparation for a smoother curl set. I also love that these towels REALLY help absord extra moisture which means I won’t be waiting an eternity for my hair to dry! Whoo hoo! 

4. Section Hair: 

Working in sections helps me make sure I don’t miss any bits of hair, and keeps me from getting overwhelmed. I also make sure to section hair in the way I want my hair to fall to make the end styling a fluffing easier.

5. Use enough rollers: 

Now although it’s tempting to cheat and put a whole heap of hair on one roller it will set you up everytime. If you have very low density you might be able to skip this tip, but otherwise take my advice. Hair is able to  be more smooth and set properly when you don’t have too much hair on one roller. This tip will also keep you from hair wet hair a day later especially if you choose to air dry.

Check out the link below to see these tips in action on my YouTube channel!

Getting Back to Blogging ❤️

Hey guys so it’s been way to long since I’ve posted ! This September as we head into fall I’m getting back into my blogging routine. I have so much to share with you guys, from healthy living to hair I’ve got so much to share on my blog! 

One thing that’s helps me is being Organized and with some many stores having back to school supplies I stock there have been so many office supplies and cute office goodies on sale! I scored some great pieces at target, and marshalls (don’t sleep on marshalls).

 I can’t wait to get back into my blogging routine and I thank you all for your support of my blog, YouTube channel and Instagram ! 

The Perfect Wash n Go Combo PT.1

So as summer heats up I love being able to rock care free wash and gos. I have to admit however that finding the right set of products that give me the perfect balance between definition, volume, and elongation. So I’m determined to find the right techniques and products that will give me that combo before the summer is out! First up I used Mielle organics leave-in and Bekekoa’s styling gel. Check out my results below :

See the full video here:

Summer Style Switch Up with PSH

 Summer Style Switch Up with PSH

As we roll into summer its a great time to experiment with new Hairstyles. I got the chance to switch it up and go from curls to long and sleek, using PSH (Private Stock Hair) extensions. I was long over due for a trim to opted to straigten my curls and while straight i decided to mix it up using PSH hair in the Yaki Texture. I used 2 bundles of 12 and 14in hair to add more density and length to my hair.
So how’d it hold up? Well I did everything with this hair, shower, sweat, work out etc. and it’s still so soft. Here are some fast facts about the hair:

  • Did you get lots of shedding? Shedding was very minimal with this hair, particularly since I cut the wefts.
  • Was the hair prone to tangles? No I had no tangles with this hair.
  • Does this hair hold a curl? Yes surprisingly because sometimes straight textures sometimes struggle in this area. 
  • How does the hair feel ? Very soft!
  • Does the hair have a smell? No, it arrived to me with out any smell and when i washed it took on the scent of the products used.
  • Does this blend well with natural hair that has been straightened? Yes even the lustre of this hair is realistic and matches well with natural hair.

For more details on my thoughts of this hair and a up close look at the exstensions check out my You Tube review, coming soon! Click here to subscribe: